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aprile 22, 2016 - Foliatec

Be a chameleon! Attractive FOLIATEC®.com Carbody Spray Film with Colour-Change Effect

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According to statistics published by the German Federal Motor Transport Authority, last year grey was the most popular colour for new cars, with black only ranking second. But for the FOLIATEC®.com specialists, there is more diversity and therefore the FOLIATEC®.com range will now feature an even larger selection of Carbody Spray Films.

The film specialist from Nuremberg presents no fewer than six new variants of this popular all-rounder. Besides “Glossy white”, the unusual “finest copper“, “urban silver“, “frozen brown“ and “laguna blue“ (all metallic matt) are also available. And for the first time, FOLIATEC®.com presents a colour-change Carbody Spray Film with the innovate “magic green-purple“. The special feature is that, depending upon your perspective and the incidence of light, either green or violet dominates, making for unique plays of colour. All Carbody Spray Films underwent arduous #design and lab work and show the usual high FOLIATEC®.com quality.

With the Carbody Spray Film, surfaces can get a new colour in a jiffy without a long-term determination: they can all be easily applied, but also easily removed. So let’s see what spring will bring. Maybe you will soon see a fresh shade on the road or even re-design your own car. If a complete change is too much for you, just use the 1l set or the 5l can. BE DIffERENT – with FOLIATEC®.com.

Available colours in the FOLIATEC®.com Carbody Spray Film range:

black, white (all matt) / transparent, white (all glossy) / gunmetal grey, frozen blue, racing red, mustard green, finest copper, urban silver, frozen brown, laguna blue (all metallic matt), magic green-purple  (Colour Change)

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