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october 19, 2016 - Novacolor

Novacolor presents: design pieces

A selection of #design panels with unique effects on show in Venice.

“Design Pieces” is the new collection of #novacolor decorative tailor-made panels made with unique decorative textures and paint effects that offer to our eyes the emotion of abstract painting. Customizable, according to the customer’s necessities, the tailor-made panels are decorated with #novacolor most innovative finishes, from modern metal effect to very textured lime and clay plasters, and are available for residential or industrial projects, in three different sizes: 200x100 cm, 140x140 cm e 140x80 cm. The project was born with a Tailor-Made philosophy, with high possibilities of customization of the boards’ textures, colors and dimensions. 

Presented in September in Venice in the prestigious location of Scuola Grande di San Teodoro in Rialto and in Milan during Homi Exhibition, the “Design Pieces” collection moves in October to another Venetian historical palace, the Cultural Centre Don Orione Artigianelli. 

Thanks to the partnership with Magister, leading company for the development and the promotion of new technologies, some of the boards have an electrical radiative system to heat the surface. A perfect match between #design and modern technology.

Here some of the best known products on show: Dune, with its high and low, Archi+ Concrete and IRONic the real rust effect, that give to the spaces a modern touch in factory style, the brand-new Zeus with a sort of solid metal effect and CalceCruda, with cloudy and soft warm colors. #design Pieces make every space unique, are easy to install and remove and can create a warm and elegant spot in every environment. 

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