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october 21, 2016 - Cerasa

PLAY Collection, a unique model, four styles to suit the most varied tastes housing.

MINIMAL PLAY, an essential and clean style characterized by textural tones for mobile and corbels, decorated with push-pull openings or even metal handles from front to match the hanging lamps with metal shade.

Integrated basins and washbasins round out the bathroom in a simple and elegant.

DECOR PLAY, a romantic and sophisticated style characterized by mirrors and handles refined lines, exclusive marble floors and lamps with fabric lampshades give a glamorous touch to the environment. Here the old and new live in a single solution.

URBAN PLAY, packed styling history, from industrial to contemporary. Quirky, varied and unusual to be customized with contrasting furniture between them as elements in iron square section in 5 shades, raw wood effect also available in all the finishes available for mobile, pulley and exclusive washbasins lamps in stone.

Many are also the furnishings in metal with wood inserts provided in the catalog: stools, wood paneling, columns per day, towel racks with storage units.

CITY PLAY, a style to furnish the changing and dynamic spaces as changeable and dynamic is the city.

Harmony and formal balance on the one hand, with straight and curved elements that are available in any color, function and practicality on the other hand, for the new laundry with bases and columns door-washer and dryer, and with bases and wash-use plans.

Highlights include door-scope columns and detergents, and door-shoes grids to be included within bases or columns.

The new garments of PLAY allow to satisfy more and more the desire of personalization, both from the functional and aesthetic point of view. 

PLAY is designed by #stefanospessotto and #lorellaagnoletto.