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october 27, 2016 - Slide

Slide - GELEE soft stool

Inspired by jelly candies, Gelée is a soft and nice pouf that turns an ordinary product into something attractive, which can be placed in various indoor and outdoor contexts.

Made in soft polyurethane and available in four different colours, Gelée is a comfortable seat that immediately stimulates desire of touching and testing it.

Slide in collaboration with designer Roberto Paoli for the new collection of polyurethane products designed the innovative soft touch pouf Gelée, inspired by the jelly candies, once loved by all kids. The peculiar structure of the Gelée, just needs one glance to be magnetically kidnapped, with the desire to try it out, ready to taste the comfort and softness: an original object that integrates beauty, entertainment and technology in a perfect mix that makes it ideal for contract projects and domestic space, both indoors and outdoors. Made in soft polyurethane using the technology of injection moulding, the pouf Gelée is available in various colour