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december 21, 2016 - Peugeot

Peugeot unveils the Series 3 of LEO’Z art toys

Peugeot #design Lab and ARTOYZ are launching the next series of 12 lion figurines. The LEO’Z Series 3 designed by a selection of international artists to both indulge existing collectors and make the toys irresistible to those who are new to the collection. This limited series is available now for €12.90 (€140 for the 12 LEO’Z display) at #peugeot Avenue Paris and from the online #peugeot store.

The LEO’Z 2016 collection once again follows the winning combination of the previous collections. Each LEO’Z #design reflects is an expression of the world unique to each of the 12 individual artists: architecture, graffiti, street art, comics or web #design.

The LEO’Z Art Toys series 3: colourful creations by international artists

- 6 LEO’Z Art Toys have been created by internationally acclaimed artists: Joe Ledbetter (USA), Olla Boku (Taiwan), Nathan Jurevicius (Australia), Igor Ventura (Brazil), Tougui and Superdeux (France). 

- 6 other LEO’Z Art Toys have been created by #peugeot artists: Han (China), Guillaume Josson, TOF, Mathilde Rollin, Cyrielle Lecher and Brice (France). 

The Art Toys LEO’Z: a success story

Since 2014 no fewer than 26,000 collectors have fallen for the LEO’Z art toys created by the Paris based #peugeot #design Lab and ARTOYZ. The Series 3 follows the Series 1 & 2, as well as the limited editions that Roland Garros and the #peugeot 2008 DKR LEO’Z.

The story of the Art Toys began in 2012 with 10 unique handmade lions created for display at #peugeot Avenue Paris. These original Lions were inspired by the LEO mascot created by PEUGEOT’s designer #christophepialat. Decorated by designers from #peugeot #design Lab, these unique items were a nod to the combination of copper and carbon that adorns the #peugeot Onyx concept car. 

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