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march 15, 2017

Adrian Cheng and Uchida Design Inc. Present “Wander from Within”

Adrian Cheng and #uchidadesign Inc. are proud to present Wander from Within, an exclusive #design exhibition featuring an all-new artisanal furniture collection co-designed by Cultural Tastemaker Adrian Cheng, and award-winning Japanese master designer Shigeru Uchida. The exhibition is set to run on April 4th – 8th, 2017 at the prestigious Villa Necchi Campiglio, Milan, coinciding with the annual Milan #design Week (Salone del Mobile Milano). During the opening night on April 5th, guests will journey through the genesis of the collection and witness an exceptional showcase of traditional craftsmanship by renowned craftsman, Chuzo Tozawa.
Wander from Within is the maiden #design show of Adrian Cheng, founder of K11 Art Foundation, and it marks the first collaborative project by the late Japanese designer Shigeru Uchida (1943 – 2016) who, through #design, explored the sensibilities of the ephemeral and the ritualistic tea ceremony in Japanese culture. Uchida-san’s works are held in permanent collections at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, and M+ Museum in Hong Kong, among others. Combined with Cheng’s unique use of fine detailing, the collection prompts users to re-think the definition of space and the man-nature connection in a confined setting.
Comprising five unique furniture pieces, the collection, entitled Khora, is a poetic take on furniture #design and marks the last collection by Uchida-san, who died in November 2016 before the completion of the #design. The exhibition in Milan will therefore double as a tribute to Uchida-san and his exceptional career.
The #design of three headlining pieces, inspired by Japan’s stunning scenery, not only harks back to the man-nature connection, but also showcases their intricacy and Japanese joinery techniques. Guests at Wander from Within will journey through the development of the collection, including #design concepts, the encounter of the two designers, and a prototype of Uchida-san’s famous Tea Room, in which the two held their final #design meeting. Throughout the journey, imageries and crafts are accompanied by haiku, a traditional poetry of Japanese origin, to complete the ritualistic storytelling. On April 5th, the official opening night, master craftsman Chuzo Tozawa, who created the prototypes of the collection, will also be present to demonstrate the exceptional art of traditional Japanese craftsmanship.
“I’m very pleased to announce my first furniture collection that was co-designed with Shigeru Uchida. It was a great honour to have worked alongside and learned from the venerable designer who, through this project, continued to inspire, even up until age of 73,” said Adrian Cheng. “With this collection we are illustrating the power and role of furniture, and the essence of Asian sensibilities, particularly in the simple act of sitting down.”
Wander from Within is set to become a key satellite event throughout the duration of the Milan #design Week.