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june 08, 2017

LeapHome: a new way of living inspired by nature

LeapHome is born from the experience of LEAPfactory, gained through building in high altitude, in extreme and diffcult environments. LeapHome is an unprecedented architectural solution that will revolutionize the construction industry: a house that is entirely realized through an industrial process, that is simple and innovative and adapts to your specifc needs and desires, which is rethinking the dwelling paradigms.
Like Meccano blocks, precise and combinable at will: this is the challenge launched by LeapHome. That is, applying industrial production methods to all the elements that compose a house. The various components, like for a car, are assembled on site totally dryly and do not need any further processing or adjustments. LeapHome’s great added value concerns its nature as an integrated product, which goes beyond the traditional distinction between bearing structures, casing, installations, fnishes and furniture. Each detail lives in an integrated manner with the totality, to maintain absolute quality and aesthetic consistency. The house is born totally equipped with technological installations, fxed furnishings and accessories, ready to be inhabited and is delivered "turnkey" to the client, with realisation times that are particularly quick, and is surprisingly easy to assemble.

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