april 16, 2018 - Mohebban Milano

An introduction to the Terrazze Collection, design by Elena Caponi Studio for Mohebban Milano

In the wake of the success of the Nomadismi #collection, the collaboration between #mohebban and #elenacaponi Studio continues with the #new Terrazze #collection

This second #collection of urban rugs created with #mohebban is exciting and is ready to be enjoyed. Color and stitching are the main features that describe and narrate the city and its surroundings. 


Elena Caponi was born in Genoa on the North-Eastern coast of Italy but has made her professional base in Milan. She observes this sprawling city through the sharp eyes of a skilled photographer, her first artistic passion. From her research emerge six urban places, defined by abstractions and unique colors, transposed in fabric and stitching. Her inventive perspective has been enhanced through the interaction between the back and the front, between a close-up and a panorama, buildings, streets and an endless unfolding of #new tales. The Terrazze collection contains a wide range of patterns and emotions. This eclectic #collection can be described as an urban, textile description of Milan. Color is the instrument used to express the success of this buzzing city that always looks to the future and far beyond.

Further information in the press release to download