april 10, 2018 - Gan

GAN - Lan, a new sofa typology

For its latest collaboration, #gan has partnered up with Neri&Hu, the multidisciplinary #design studio that includes architects, graphic designers, master planners, interior and product designers. They are the authors of #lan, a collection of rugs, seating modules and dividers. #lan represents a synthesis of all these Neri&Hu skills: its #design reinvents and questions the sofa typology by breaking it down into its various elements, which can then be assembled in different ways, organised around a rug that is an integral part of the set. A seating module rests on the ground, over which a series of flat cushions and a tray can be arranged. Its defining element, however, is the backing, inspired by the adaptable oriental screen. A strip of hand embroidered fabric covers a metal structure, which serves as a backdrop for the composition and comfortably accommodates a series of moveable cushions, providing both warmth and comfort. The indigo colour palette used for the various modules and backrest, the screen, the rugs and the cushions inspires the name of the collection: #lan means blue in Mandarin. The designers wanted to pay homage to the eastern tradition of using indigo for dying fabrics that are normally used for home decoration.

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