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april 24, 2018

Henge at the Salone del Mobile

Henge was born in 2007 from a big dream and a small group of very determined people. Its identity, strong and clear from the very beginning, imposed itself on the market and won reputation and interest at international and national level in just a few years. #henge does not want to repeat an old industrial system: its commitment is to propose collections that know how to encapsulate history and interpretcontemporary living, high-profile furnishing solutions thatare the resultofsophisticated choices, exclusive materials, precious finishes, skilled Italian hand crafting, refined #design and attention to detail. In 2008, the first collection, designed by architect Silvia Prevedello, was presented at the Milan International Furniture #fair; Silvia handled the entire project, expressing emotionally the creative aims of the new brand and defining Henge’s guidelines. The furniture and furnishing accessories of the debut collection are permeated with a subtle Deco flavour and elegance, with a style that plays on the balance of formal rigour and freedom of expression. Traditional materials like stone contrast creatively with the softness of leather, tanned the artisan way, and with the brightness of chromed metal. In 2009, the collaboration kept with architect Prevedello gave birth to the Diamond collection: a new interpretation of the concept of luxury in a contemporary vein, thought as precious and delicate, never evasive. The same year, the Whisper Collection beared the signature of architect Simone Micheli, who offers his personal interpretation of Henge’s style: modular and rigorous structures compared with more plastic and inviting forms, like those of the night-time environment, all with sinuous leather coverings. 2011 is the year of the evolution of the brand, started by Paolo Tormena, CEO of the company, and architect Massimo Castagna, who became Art Director and Designer for #henge and “Home Collection”, that for #henge is much more than a collection: it is a highly structured and ambitious project, in which the energies of the company fully converge. Following an original, intimate path, Castagna leaves his inimitable mark: timeless, unique furniture, far away from any formalism or predetermined style. Conceived with an anti-rhetorical attitude, the items embody the will to reinterpret and reappraise the everyday and domestic environment: forms and geometries that are often unusual, not obvious, in which the material, always treated and worked in a totally hand-crafted way, plays the role of the protagonist.

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