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may 08, 2018

Ghidini1961 at 2018 Milan Design Week

Big historical names and new generations are confronted with the plastic versatility of the metal and the endless reflecting possibilities of brass. From a vase to an armchair, from a console to a dining table, each room has its own sparkling object. #ghidini1961 is a talent scout of young promises of contemporary #design, attentive to contaminations with different, heterogeneous cultures. 2018 marks the passage of a larger scale for the company, from tableware and accessories to living spaces. New pieces characterized by the combination of brass and fabric will be presented and defined by a great formal freedom.

The continuous search for unpublished stories has led #ghidini1961 to become a reference for the processing of brass at large, in all its declinations, expressing its vocation into the furniture, lamps and accessories that will be presented at Palazzo Visconti.



“Sticks put together with the precision of a ritual practice of some remote tribe. The accuracy that we use is like a ceremony that is expressed through a #design process that wants to use sculpture as a tool of expression. The sticks could be ready for a fire as a sacral ceremony to express the significance of the moment. From ashes to ashes a constant guide through history in a significant material like brass that color and reflection could symbolize fire”. Campana Brothers

STICKS, candle holder - CAMPANA Brothers

Three crossed twigs are the memory of fire. An evocative and emotional object, a small table poetry. As always Campana Brothers take their inspiration by the lush and wild Brazilian nature, covered by large forests and millions of branches, which is enough to observe with a free look and be inspired.

Material: brass

Measurements: 28 x 28 x h 30 cm

STICKS, flower holder - CAMPANA Brothers

The new flower holder is a small abstract bush. With its delicate poetry it completes the domestic environment. Sticks frees our composite creativity, consents the play of colors, essences and fragrances, even disordered like in Brazilian forests, where everything grows free and confused.

Material: brass

Measurements: 21 x 21 x h 29 cm


“Like a tornado is our approach to this project. We are expressing our approach to #design and our artistic feeling like a whirl wind that is trying to catch the moment. The instant take is decomposed and thrown into the intellectual space immediately. Strong winds of change declare how we are still able to express through our duality a profound unit that is not possible to break. The bound of our brotherhood is expressed through the devastating consequences of a tornado, that is establishing the always changing rules of continuity. Expression is stronger than explanations since we are talking about feelings. The best is to crown the vase with flowers”. Campana Brothers 

Spiral of brass and super-glossy copper, a dizzying vortex of reflected light. A thousand liquid rings rise from a hypothetical sea, expand and crown themselves with fragrant flowers. It’s a highly evocative object, fascinating for its shape and shine. The one designed by the Campana Brothers is a good tornado, the only one that brings color and light into the home. 

Material: brass

Measurements: 25 x h 37 cm


“The dance, intended as an eternal circle and sacred ritual and celebration of the ancient tribal traditions.” This is the reference of Andrea Branzi when he thought of this series of three pieces that define these new vase-basket in polished brass. In the tallest version, a double ring of dancers crosses and overlaps by defining a double opposed movement.

In the lower one, the dance is more frenetic, a hypnotic and engaging movement.

Three cheerful and ironically carefree vases, typical of Branzi.

Material: brass


Cestini 1: ø 25 x h 15 cm

Cestini 2: ø 26 x h 23 cm

Cestini 3: ø 13,5 x h 24,7 cm


Family of tables characterized by the elegant sophisticated metal structure supporting the glass 

tabletop. Inspiration from turn of century outdoor furniture meets modern high-quality metal crafting.

Intricate weaving of steel rods creates a beautiful visually light three-dimensional ornament.

Material: brass

Measurements: ø200 cm x h 74 cm (in display)

Measurements for dining tables starting from: ø160 cm and 240 x 100 cm

Measurements for coffee tables starting from: ø100 cm and 120 x 80 cm


Family of turning plates (Lazy Susan) is a simply refined centerpiece for the table top. It features 

signature handling rim, which keeps dishes from spilling and falling over.  

Material: brass

Measurements: ø 104 x h 5 cm


“Inspired by the Northern California coastline, the Coast Chair’s #design draws its influence from a landscape of wandering, golden hills and the meandering roads that intersect them. Blending refined architectural elements with fluid gestures, the chair’s form brings surprising #design moments to a functional, everyday object. The controlled, geometric legs provide a strong foundation for the more expressive upper section. The backrest appears to float using discreet joinery, and is framed by a brass arc, which acts as both a touch-point to move the chair and a resting place for a coat or bag. The Coast Chair welcomes you to sit back and stay awhile.” Branch Creative

A mix of rigorous and soft lines, the thinness of the legs and the compactness of the seat come together in a new way. The chair, a complex object, finds a new and intriguing declination.

Material: brass

Measurements: 43 x 54 x h 77 cm

DUSK DAWN by BRANCH CREATIVE – table and floor lamp (2017), hanging lamp (2018)

The Californian designers duo was inspired by a magical moment of the day: when the sun rises and sets to create a rarefied light. 

"It's the time when the sun drops below the horizon, leaving a glow that signals the arrival of the night, and gently takes us back to the warm embrace of dawn light in the morning." 

An intersection game of two forms to define a soft and geometric tone, a cloud of light arising from the glass diffuser seated on a solid brass cone.

In 2018 the family expands with the hanging version.

Material: brass

Measures: Ø 35 x h 50 cm


Heart on Your Sleeve

Nika Zupanc for Ghidini 1961

Love is all around. Clench yours tight, hold it close, and bestow on it the shiny perch it so wishes it deserved. Love Chair for Ghidini 1961 provides a sumptuously soft landing for the love you¹ve decided to start domesticating. Seated on a pale soft cushion and subtly yet firmly supported by the airy twists of the brass heart backrest your love has just enough room to stay right where it is. Thus installed it stays beautiful and liberating, and offers you the love-keeper a golden grip on it  to bind it, chain it, or lock it up and silently hope it never breaks free. The ultimate beauty of the Love Chair lies in multiplicity.

Because love, seated or otherwise, is rarely solitary and singular.

Material: brass

Measurements: 40 x 45 x h 83 cm


"The series of seatings " Katana " identify and combine in a balanced synthesis the three elements that characterize seats (the legs, the seat, the backrest), but at the same time makes them understandable one separated from the other, enhancing in that way the different specific characteristics and mutual relations. "

Thus the elliptical section of the leg emphasizes its elegant and solid supporting element.

The padded seat, simple and closed, suggests possible variations of shapes, dimensions and materials in relation to use and comfort. Finally, the back formally released from the seat, allows you to free its nature of element strongly characterizing the seat: it can then be dilated or enveloping, high or low, rigid or soft, exaggerated or contained, allowing even in this case the freest combination of variations.

Upholstered armchair and small sofa, round and oval, are perfect and welcoming shapes. The three-legged armchair with a comfortable backrest is an invitation to relax, to enjoy the minutes slowly. The sofa, with its petite proportions, exhorts to relaxed conversation, coffee in hand. Two iconic elements, with ironic features. 

Material: brass


120x 53 x h 66 cm (small sofa)

64 x 52 x h 66 cm (armchair)


In 2017 the designer imagines a decisive turning point in the use of such a precious finish as polished brass: from the idea of ​​an almost unique object in its crafted perfection to the system, to be constructed starting from the basic element. A brass column whose different diameters define the base and the capital, just like the columns of classical architecture.

In 2018 the collection is enriched with new accessories: the Toilette, a piece of our memory now revisited in a contemporary key for materials and shapes, and the drop tables from which a sculptural object springs from a new form.

The 2017 table and coffee table collection is enriched with new materials for the tops: white carrara marble, Sahara Noir and Emperador Dark.

Toilette materials: brass legs, and Citronnier wooden shelves and glass or Sahara Noir marble

Toilette measurements: 120 x 58 x 160 cm

Drop coffee tables materials: brass legs, Emperador Dark marble and natural Rovere wooden shelves

Drop coffee tables measurements: cm max length 260 x max width 80 x 40 H1 / 22 H2


The Vitruvian man and the idea of the human body perfection: this is how the designer sees this central coffee table shaped perfectly with the squared and round shape. The glass, in the double overlapping layer, reveals and hides at the same time the precious supporting structure in brass.

In 2018 a new version with the square top.

Description: table; polished brass finishing.


ø 100x h 35 cm

100 x 100 x h 35 cm