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october 24, 2018 - Promote Design

Great success for the presentation of the Volume with Promotedesign.it, Poli.Design and Digital Retex

Great success for the presentation of #design For 2019, which took place on Saturday 20th October in the A14HUB location of Via Ventura 3, in the heart of the Lambrate #design District, during the Fall #design Week 2018. The volume, published by Fausto Lupetti Editore, gathers 230 products of over 100 companies from all over the world.

During the presentation of the volume, #promotedesign.it organized a day entirely dedicated to designers, involving external companies such as #digitalretex that could give new cues on communication and the new methods that are taking place among the companies. The location that hosted the presentation has also been transformed for the occasion into an exhibition showroom, where some of the products published in the book have found a place, so as to offer the public the opportunity to touch what was presented in the publication.

The designers were selected by the #promotedesign.it team, to increase even more the visibility given to their products. The winners of this award are: Alberto Quazzo #design, Caroline Ficker, Elli #design - Designer Elli Alessio, Flapstudio - Architectural #design Lab, InEs Art #design, Ristart, Roberto Monte Per Alfaterna Marmi e Venetica. As partner of the initiative Colvendrà, a Venetian wine producer that with its Prosecco DOC Treviso Extra Dry gave moments of sharing and exchange of synergies between the designers and the experts involved.

The meeting began with #davidechiesa, Architect and Director of DesignTeller and author of the book’s preface, who introduced to the public the characteristics of the new edition of #design For. In fact, the book proposes a radical change: starting from 2019, the volume aims to promote the marketing of products already made, unlike previous editions in which the protagonists were the concepts. If before the aim was to propose new projects to companies, which would then concretely create the products, in this new configuration the activity of #design For aims to create business opportunities for all selected and published participants.

For #promotedesign.it the partnerships established with the concept stores were very important, and they will work to select one or more designers published in the 2019 edition, so that the designers have real showcases and market opportunities. Among the stores of the 2019 edition we recommend HAIGŌ of Milan, a Nordic and contemporary concept store, Fattore Forma #design, with its "new ideas for a city always moving", Avel, with a careful selection of products located in the streets of Rome and Mies Lounge Concept Store in Turin. The next appointment for designers will be at the Czech #design Week, the #design Week taking place from November 28th to December 2nd 2018 in Prague. #promotedesign.it team has selected 20 designers who will have the chance to show their products in the Czech capital. Participating in international exhibitions is certainly an important opportunity offered to designers and small businesses, who are able to further promote their products abroad.

The designers selected for this unique opportunity are: Alberto Quazzo #design, Anna Jaroszewicz – Freundlich, Brandodesign, Chendù, Dam, Doris Darling, Flapstudio - Architectural #design Lab, Laurie Beckerman #design, Lígia Narciso - That Place, Lorenzo Capanna - Compasso_Ad, Laura Itkonen, Kauch, Roberto Monte Per Alfaterna Marmi, Recycled Stones, Ristart, Siderio, Tr3nd, Venetica, Vera Purtscher - Vera Pure, Vzor. #gianpietrosacchi, Director of the Advanced Training Courses of #polidesign, went on speaking, introducing the collaboration that has been working with #promotedesign.it for years, with the aim of creating an increasingly cohesive and productive network between designers and experts in the field.

The training day continued with #andreamanzoni - Digital Key Account and #andreabordoni - Head of Technology & Innovation at #digitalretex with the workshop "WeChat digital ecosystem for Italian design". #digitalretex, an Italian technology company that manages the presence of many western brands on WeChat, explained how several companies have landed on the platform with investments in marketing campaigns designed specifically for the Chinese market, including Molteni, Kartell, Poliform, Flexform, Armchair Frau and Foscarini.

In fact, in addition to fashion&luxury and tourism, #design is one of the most successful business sectors in China, where attention to Made in Italy is growing. The Chinese economy is increasingly characterized by e-commerce platforms and the country will play a leading role in the coming years, thanks to the opportunities it offers: a market still growing, where about 80% of digital users are shopping via mobile. Wechat, with over 1 billion users per month and a infiltration in major cities that exceeds 93%, is the main tool to get in touch with the Chinese consumer, used to chat, browse, buy products and services and pay online.

#digitalretex explained the potential of the platform for Italian companies. "We are very happy with the participation that the public has shown on this day," says #enzocarbone, CEO of Prodes Italia, a company that has been dealing with the selection and production of the catalogue for 7 years. "Design For represents a very important launching pad for designers to be selected and included in #interiordesign projects of architecture and interior designers, as well as purchased by final buyers.

It was therefore an important occasion for us to explain the potential of this initiative, which we will certainly renew for the 2020 edition. " In fact, applications are already open for companies and designers who want to submit their products to the selection team, to become protagonists of the next edition of #design For.