september 20, 2019 - Bruno Tarsia

Bruno Tarsia for L’Opificio: RELIEF COLLECTION

At the #salonedelmobile 2019, Bruno Tarsia – renowned architect and interior stylist known for his countless cooperations with national and international brands – chose l’Opificio, an important Turin-based company specialized in the production of fabrics and high-end furnishing velvets, to create a unique collection with a strong distinctive trait.

In this way #Relief was born. The main protagonists are: the graphic appearance born from Bruno Tarsia’s creative flair and the very refined l’Opificio’s jacquard fabrics that reflect the ancient technique of the gobelin.

Geometric lines and chromatics embody the architect's stylistic references through a new and contemporary vision. The textures and weaves of the yarn make the three-dimensional fantasy of great value, hence the name #Relief.

Available in nine color variations: from neutral colors to rich gold tones, from intense red to blue ethereal and finally to shades of black and grey.

l’Opificio is a Piedmontese family company working every day with passion, weaving together the different skills in order to create unique collections for textile furnishings, representing the values ​​of Made in Italy.

The link between the factory and Piedmont is magnetic and indissoluble, source of creative and refined urges.
This is how prestigious fabrics and velvets are created for the furnishings that reflect an idea of aesthetics based on culture, elegance and harmony.

Bruno Tarsia, architect and interior stylist, lives and works in Milan. With a versatile and eclectic taste, he produces editorial photo shoots, commercial catalogs, exhibitions and advertising campaigns, but also #interiordesign for private clients and showrooms.

Following his experiences in the field of interior decoration, he also works as a set designer for fashion photo shoots. His work aims to combine, with a poetic and creative touch, imagination, reality and elegance.