february 19, 2020 - Ester Bijoux - Serena

In 1980, Ester Miramonti’s love of nature inspired her to innovate a jewellery line of the exceptional quality: #esterbijoux. Our headquarters--nestled in Northern Italy’s Ticino Park, a Unesco Heritage site characterized by a diverse array of tree species-- reflect Ester Bijoux’s origins. Anchored in a unique artistic perspective and commitment to craftmanship, the company naturally flourished in the decades following its inception. This growth welcomed more structured leadership—so, in the 90s, Ester’s son Paolo accepted the role of Chief Executive. He brought new enthusiasm to the company and expanded its original range
of products. Italian and international jewellery markets have fortified Ester Bijoux’s reputation as a visionary artist over the years. Still, the company stays true to its roots as a family business, providing each client with dedicated, personalized service.

The creation of Ester Bijoux’s unique crafting process takes 5 weeks.
The harvesting of the leaves takes place in March and April, when they are green and their structure solid and easy to be treated. The leaves are consequently kept inside presses that remove the humidity.
Once completely dried the leaves are dipped in galvanic baths and covered with a thin copper layer.
This process solidifies the leaves while preserving their intricate details.
The final layer is achieved through a pink or yellow gold bath or silver bath.