march 19, 2020 - HI-MACS

Nina Moeller Designs launches the CURVE Outdoor

Following last year's successful launch of the CURVE Bench for indoor spaces, Nina Moeller Designs has created an all-weather outdoor bench made from hard-wearing HI-MACS® material.
In keeping with the adaptable #design of the indoor seat, CURVE Outdoor can be used as a single seat or joined with other units to form a seating arrangement that suits your needs.

"The #design was inspired by nature - to link together and provide a sense of unity", explains Nina Moeller, speaking about the modulability, natural shapes and forms of CURVE Bench. "Given the popularity of the original CURVE Bench and the wishes expressed by our clients to see CURVE in an outdoor setting, we knew we needed a material which could withstand all the elements. We were encouraged by colleagues and friends to explore the outstanding properties of the latest generation material HI-MACS®. "

photos by Marcus Peel

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