march 24, 2020 - Sergey Makhno Architects

OBITOVANA 5019: A highly topical collaboration about our future by Sergey Makhno and Konstantin Kofta

A workshop of Ukrainian #design and architecture #sergeymakhnoarchitects in collaboration with a couture #design studio Kofta in 2019 presented a collection of furniture and accessories OBITOVANA 5019, which can become prophetic, because the world is already changing and gravitates to the fact that the concept of the project will become a reality.

Today is the year of 5019.

Today a new land has appeared.

The rave of the herb colors blended with the gradients of mint-tarragon trees against the pinkish sand. A life-giving flood of the daylight and pure hearts has spilled over a tired planet. 

OBITOVANA 5019 is a space without walls and ceilings, without fences and borders. Here there are no rules and obligations. Everyone is familiar with each other — there are no strangers under the same sky. The whole world here is home. 

OBITOVANA 5019 collection is an effort to tell the present its future. It is the world that we have started to create today.

At the CORAL REEF table, which repeats the shape and color of the oceanic coral reef, we will begin to appreciate each other's company. When the week in isolation is over — everyone is together again, close people, want to talk, hug, be here and now, and no mobile phones. CORAL REEF — there is no longer any place for gadgets — only tasty healthy food and lively communication.

Collaboration with Kofta turned out to be a prophetic project. We tell a story about life that will be after the future. OBITOVANA 5019 is our dream to be part of building the world we want to have, not the one we are predicted”, — shares Sergey Makhno, the architect and founder of Sergey Makhno Architects.

While access to expeditions to the distant jungle and even to the local botanical garden is limited, we will create an exotic flora just at home by our own hands. The TITAN floor lamp is a flower that will never go out. The prototype of Titan Arum — the largest flower in the world — it can grow just from the floor, even from the wall of the 24th floor of a skyscraper. Its light source is wrapped in a delicate pink cloth to protect the beam of light inside. Like hope, like a chance to live.

"Changes dictate their rules. I hope that tomorrow things around will become the harmony a modern human lacks. Tomorrow there will be us — new ones, filled with light, surrounded by a perfectly balanced space”, — tells Konstantin Kofta, the chief designer of futuristic leather manufacture.

The collection also consists of a table without a tabletop, a cold floor lamp and a warm one, a sofa-shell, a carpet-puzzle, and two flourishing bags-flowers. Every item has its own story. The names of the products are the names of butterflies that have gone extinct, rivers that have dried away, glaciers that have melted, islands that are drowning, and flowers that will never bloom again. In a new world, they will be alive again.

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