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june 30, 2020 - Gandiablasco

GANDIABLASCO gardens: ode to landscape and architecture

The spaces and products of #gandiablasco, signed to live outside regardless of the time of year, achieve immersive atmospheres on a human scale speaking a language of sobriety, harmony and proportion.

Representing a fluid transition between interior and exterior without blocking views and thinking of architecture and space as a whole in harmony, is easy if we rely on concepts such as TIMELESS. The collection, a unique #design by José A. Gandia-Blasco and Borja García, brings together sofas, tables, sun loungers, armchairs, chairs and stools in basic and discreet shapes which, in turn, forcefully delimit areas without walls. The textiles and cushions provide extra comfort while being personalised by combining them with the colours of the interior and the landscape or in contrast with the structure, which can be thermo-lacquered in such unconventional and intense hues as orange.

Balance and elegance define the lines of DNA and DNA TEAK, by José A. Gandía-Blasco Canales, which give rise to numerous presentations, always in harmony with the environment. The warmth and durability of teak wood, contrasting perhaps with dark structures in shades such as anthracite, are perfect for giving continuity to natural environments. The pattern of horizontal slats, either in wood or in aluminium profiles, evokes the lights and shadows of Mediterranean shutters and leaves the geometry with all the aesthetic load. Personalizing the collection is a real game as it combines different types of seating and the finishes from the extensive #gandiablasco colour range, forming gradients, contrasts or monochrome.

A good attitude, in addition to making intelligent use of space, creates intimacy and encourages conversation. #gandiablasco proposes pieces that work on their own or in pairs, but that also form more complex rest areas to adapt to small or large meetings both in private premises and in large contract installations. 

The style of SOLANAS, with the work of Daniel Germani, is born of aesthetic sensitivity and the joy of sharing time and enjoyment in the open air. Mixing straight and rounded lines both in the aluminium structures and in the surfaces in Dekton ® by Cosentino, SOLANAS gives its name to accessories, tables, round bed and different seat modules that make a deliberate use of high backs and textiles to convey ideas such as familiarity and protection from the elements. The splendid composition placed in one of the extensive terraces of Carla Ridge is a clear example of this concept. This exclusive home by Noah Walker (Walker Workshop) is one of GANDIABLASCO’s latest residential projects. Located in Beverly Hills, it is an exceptional setting for SOLANAS outdoor furniture, here in a special edition in gold, a colour tone that changes depending on the angle of view.

The SALER and STACK collections, by José A. Gandía-Blasco Canales and Borja García respectively, were created to accompany life in the outdoors, the sea, the winter sun, a summer evening in the moonlight... While SALER reinterprets the concept of the indoor sofa to take it outdoors with contemporary and ultra-resistant materials, STACK is a line made up of stackable pieces inspired by the nautical world. 

Both models bet on elementary constructions, without artifices, which fit perfectly both in contract installations and in small residential projects. Presented in natural shades such as sand and olive green, among other shades, they blend in with the surrounding landscape, providing functional and friendly solutions, not only with the space where they are located but also in relation to the people who inhabit it.

About #gandiablasco:
GANDIABLASCO is the outdoor furniture brand belonging to the Gandia Blasco Group, a family company founded in 1941 manufacturing blankets. Since the year 2000, José A. Gandia-Blasco Canales, the current President and Creative Director of the company, has focused activities on the #design of outdoor furniture with an architectural character, linked to its Mediterranean roots. Currently the brand #gandiablasco has reached more than 90 countries and is recognized internationally for the quality of its designs, the passion for life in the outdoors, and the collaborations with architects and first-rate designers.