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aprile 08, 2016 - Bilstein

BILSTEIN presents FIAT 500 Cinquone USA from Romeo Ferraris at German tuning show - To the Tuning World with the power of the centaur

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Mamma mia – #bilstein will be presenting a #fiat #500 that could well be Captain America's official car at the 14th #tuning World Bodensee show in Germany on 5 – 8 May 2016 (booth 502, hall B1). Stars and stripes on the bonnet and 210 hp underneath turn the muscular little city car from the Romeo Ferraris #tuning stable into an extraordinarily fast experience. Its trademarks: the centaur on the radiator grille and a #bilstein B14 coilover suspension that turns the shorty into a hero of hairpin bends. Inverted Mono-tube and gas-pressure technology are only two of its numerous features. The USA reference of the car is not too far fetched, either, as the original #500 from the 1950s as well as its modern counterpart are available in the land of street cruisers and pick-up trucks.

The range offered by the pioneer for gas-pressure shock absorbers from Ennepetal in Germany offers suitable products for almost any vehicle. The selection shown at the trade fair stand is representative of this: the B12 suspension kit, for example, is a highly versatile product that is available for many car models in the variants Pro-Kit and Sportline with different lowering heights. The most convincing feature of the #bilstein B16 coilover suspension is its parallel adjustment option of bump and rebound stage with ten clearly perceptible clicks. The #bilstein ridecontrol option allows changes to the setup with the press of a button on the dashboard.

The #bilstein Clubsport coilover suspension bridges the gap between #tuning and motorsports. For keen racers, the suspension manufacturer has set up an interesting comparison display which contrasts this kit with the MDS (Modular Damping System) which was designed exclusively for professional motorsports. And anyone looking for a real racing thrill can get into the 4D racing taxi simulator which offers a dynamic ride on the track while moving in all directions.

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