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aprile 21, 2016 - Nintendo

CNVS unveiled its products for the first time at Ventura Lambrate*, Milano, 2016.

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CNVS debuted its select portfolio in this year’s Ventura #lambrate in Milan, as part of the young designers’ collective Form&Seek. Visitors also got a chance to see CNVS’s latestproduct, a lighting unit, Lamalight, which will be sold via a dedicated crowdfunding campaignlater in the year.

CNVS is a furniture brand designed by interdisciplinary team of designers at #atlyelabs and created in partnership with local fabricators to meet the needs of modern work and education spaces.

Canvas is the background, open to endless variations, the minimum infrastructure to hold space together. Alternately, #cnvs can be interpreted through its meaning in biology: Copy Number Variations (CNVs), used to describe the variation in the number of the copies of a particular gene in the DNA of an individual. The idea of furniture which takes on alternate characters based on different tessellations is what defines the #cnvs brand.

CNVS uses local, natural and certified materials to create minimal, ergonomic and inspiring designs. #cnvs products are made from natural materials such as plywood, recycled OSB and locally-sourced metal. Primary goal is to adapt in shifting needs of education/work spaces, thus built-in wheels are essential, complemented with mobile accessories for lighting, acoustic absorption, writing and more.

CNVS, a perfect backdrop for your ideas.

Mesh Separator

Mesh separator is designed as a dynamic, minimal furniture to meet the ever-changing needs of formative spaces for thinking and doing.

With its built-in wheels, these lightweight, structurally optimized expanded metal separators create an optimum amount of flexibility. The separator divides the space, yet remains as a perforated surface, for the in between passing gazes and social interaction.

Body frame is a minimal-width, stable triangle with L-shaped metal bars, a mid-way support piece, and the inherently strong, waste-free expanded metal with clear, no-VOC varnish finishing.

In terms of accessories, whiteboard surfaces are optional for capturing ideas during brainstorms, suitably leaning back at the triangular surface for ergonomic comfort. The back-side of the same surface is filled with recycled sponge and all-natural, uncolored felt, providing a bulletin board that also provides sound insulation. Alternative uses span from coat hangers to gallery-quality photo displays, custom-made bookshelves to hanging plant pots.

This piece represents the #cnvs philosophy at its best: minimal, efficient and a perfect backdrop for countless productive sessions to create, learn and share.

Angled Tables

Angled Tables are designed to adapt user’s needs for varying working methods. With their wheels, separator channels, and rounded corners, they can be rearranged to make space for workshops, individual- or group work without suggesting a particular way of working. The slight angle helps to set up the neighboring users to face away from each other for isolated work, which can easily be shuffled for a closer eye-contact in the case of collaboration.

Their natural, durable materials coupled with robust welded legs allow casual leaning and sitting gestures aside from typical work surface use.The light-colored, low-texture, flat varnished birch plywood prevents visual distractions and functions as a durable surface gaining character over time. Powder-coated metal box profiles are used to provide a robust base.

Detachable metal separators can be colored in any color, helping the user to personalize his/her space with possibility of marker use and magnets for pin-ups.

This simple yet refined table becomes the atomic particle of a larger #cnvs work surface systems, enabling permutations for future iterations.


LamaLight, that is designed in collaboration with Buşra Tunç, draws its inspiration from a single line. It is a lighting unit with a simple form that is open to variations in usage. Light source is situated in both sides, with a three-scenario switch that enables combinations of use with the flexible kinetic framework.

The whole piece is made out of solid aluminium blocks, CNC-milled at first, and then refined with traditional manufacturing methods, including custom designed, patent-pending, 270 degree rotatable stainless steel joints.

Partnership with local artisans played a fundamental role during the manufacturing process. All of the prototyping process was conducted with craftsmen in 5 km vicinity of the #design studio, enabling rapid iteration and the coupling of deep expertise with user-centered innovation.

This #cnvs accessory represents the beginning of more kinetic, small-scale and responsible modular elements, bound to be improved in the future with portability (stand-alone battery), mobile connectivity (shifting light color via a phone app) and flexibility (dimming function), among others.

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