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ottobre 24, 2016 - DS

The “Freedom Manifesto”, or the spirit of avant-garde embodied by a new 3D-printable work

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Coinciding with the FIAC contemporary art fair in Paris, #ds Automobiles is unveiling its latest creation, the “Freedom Manifesto”, in the #social networks. The Brand is taking things even further by sharing the model file with its community members and art-lovers, enabling them to print the all-new work in 3D. The model file is available until 25 November on DS Facebook and Twitter

The sculptural and flowing Freedom Manifesto was created by the designers at the #ds Automobiles Styling Centre and celebrates the creative freedom made possible today by parametric #design.

Coinciding with the FIAC art fair in Paris, held from 20 to 23 October 2016, the #ds brand is unveiling the Freedom Manifesto on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Harnessing its expertise in parametric #design and 3D technology, the #ds designer team drew on all its creative energy to produce the new work, which celebrates the freedom to imagine, create and explore new territories. Parametric #design is an innovative and avant-garde technique that, in the automotive sector, enables designers to think outside the stylistic box. Already used to #design the futuristic dashboard and sculptural grille on #ds E-Tense, the #design method can be combined with new additive manufacturing processes to create shapes hitherto impossible to produce.

Commenting, Thierry Metroz, Director of Style #ds, said: “The new #design processes that we are using at #ds allow us to free up all our creativity, think outside the box, imagine new shapes and push back the limits. Being able to rethink the way you #design a shape substantially boosts your inventiveness. We have entered a new era!”

He added: “The Freedom Manifesto created by my team of designers celebrates this opportunity to create and to appropriate a broad range of new #design languages. It results from the exploration of these new #design approaches and for the Brand represents a new step forward in the appropriation of these formal liberties.”

 The sculptural and flowing Freedom Manifesto is a three-dimensional structural framework generated using a single component of the #ds monogram. The work is steel-coloured with an Amétryne Green base that echoes the body paint of #ds E-Tense, a unique car embodying the future of #ds Automobiles.

The Brand is offering those attracted to this new work the possibility of printing it in 3D by making the model file available until 25 November on DS Facebook and Twitter