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novembre 23, 2016 - Citroen

Citroën receives the label of excellence, Janus du Commerce 2016” for “la Maison Citroën”, a concept to enhance the design of its future dealerships

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Visitors to the Citroën stand at the Paris Motor Show were able to take a first look at “La Maison Citroën”, a colourful, interactive, enjoyable concept with a friendly ambience. The cocoon-like #design, focusing on differentiation and comfort, heralds the architectural concept to be applied to future brand dealerships.  Based on the “Be Different, Feel Good” customer experience, this attractive #design that will be adapted to dealerships and new sales outlets in city centres as well as pop-up structures.  This innovation has been hailed by the French Institute of #design, which has awarded Citroën the “Janus du Commerce 2016,” a label of #excellence.

Yesterday morning, Arnaud Belloni, Citroën Marketing and Communications Director,  received the “Janus du Commerce 2016” at the 62nd Janus awards ceremony organised by the French Institute of #design at the Quai d’Orsay in Paris. The ceremony was chaired by Matthias Fekl, Secretary of State with responsibility for Foreign Trade, the Promotion of Tourism and French Nationals Abroad, and Anne-Marie Sargueil, President of the French Institute of #design.

A bold, creative brand, Citroën is once again overturning established codes and pursuing active efforts to promote the well-being of its users as part of an approach that extends well beyond its vehicles. To this end, it is rethinking its services and working on new ways to meet customers:  sales points and international shows. An innovative approach supported by the French Institute of #design through the “Janus du Commerce 2016[1]. This #design label underlines the importance of value in use and encourages projects that use #design to improve the customer’s living environment and comfort.

At the last Paris Motor Show, Citroën attracted almost one million visitors with a bright, friendly, colourful area delivering an experience reflecting the brand promise of “Be Different, Feel Good”. A modern vision of comfort illustrated through brand products and concept cars, such as the New C3 or CXPERIENCE concept, as well as through the architecture of the stand, designed by AKDV, and including at its centre, “La Maison Citroën”.

Citroën created a warm ambience, with natural wood, colourful walls, comfy armchairs, information screens and accessories dedicated to personalisation. A haven of peace for an intense experience, where each object is in its place, just like in a real home. A key venue whose architecture magnifies the brand and heralds the #design of its future dealerships.

These “stand” and “retail experience” architectural projects were applauded by the six members of the “Janus du Commerce 2016” panel, chaired by Eric Ranjard. In their general assessment, they studied the fit between brand specifications and the creative, innovative response based on five criteria (economics, aesthetics, ergonomics, ethics, emotion). The experts also appreciated the “sense of immersion created by the giant screen, the language used as part of brand storytelling, the environmental focus, and the real ecosystem of #design, particularly the use of craftsmanship. They also praised the “overall coherence conveying a sense of understanding of the history of Citroën :  a brand with strong DNA and history, hence the references to warm domestic symbols (carpeting, rounded edges, central island, friendly ambience)”.

“The #janusducommerce 2016 is an award that reflects Citroën’s overall efforts in merchandising, reflecting the new brand positioning.” “Well-being, colour, warmth and modern #design are the key characteristics of these new concepts designed for both sales and display.”

Karine Buisson Caillard, Global Brand #design Manager Citroën

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