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novembre 24, 2016 - Opel

Opel of the Future: New Design Talents Impress with their Creations

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Opel wanted to know how design-talents see the carmaker in 2030 and started a joint project with the University of Pforzheim. The students of “Transportation Design” were tasked with creating the #opel Iconic Concept of 2030. As proof of the success of this unusual talent-support, two participants in the project can now look over the shoulders of Opel’s top designers in Rüsselsheim.

“We are continuously developing our characteristic #opel #design philosophy – Sculptural Artistry meets German Precision,” said Mark Adams, Vice President #design Europe, “and we wanted to know what young people think when they imagine #opel from the point of view of future customers. We were really impressed by the creative, unconventional and fresh designs, and we want to support this emerging talent.”

The students were able to display their talents as future designers for more than one semester. The #opel team led by #design Director, Friedhelm Engler and Chief Designer, Andrew Dyson provided advice and practical support – from the very first sketch until the presentation of the finished design-model. The creations by the Russian students Maya Markova and Roman Zenin were so visionary and convincing that they both received the offer of a six-month internship, enabling them to find out what design-work is really all about in Opel’s #design Studio.

Opel consciously chose the University of Pforzheim with its faculties for form, technology, economics and law. The study program “Transportation Design” is unique in Germany and highly respected around the world.

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