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novembre 29, 2016 - Le Nemours

Le Nemours - The emblematic parisian cafe at Palais Royal - new design effectuated by Michael Malapert

Ideally located between the Louvre and the gardens of the Palais Royal, #lenemours has over the years become an authentic Parisian cultural institution ; it’s magical terrace under the columns of Place Colette, next to the famous monument, the Comédie Française. #lenemours offers home-made, brasserie-style cuisine prepared from high quality ingredients. Its continuous service allows visitors to visit and enjoy the heated terrace at all hours. This perfect Parisian address is a real ‘melting pot’ hosting people from the culture, fashion and political worlds, not to mention the Paris lovers and tourists. After several months of planning and renovation, this truly Parisian café has reopened its doors to reveal a new universe created from the imagination of Michaël Malapert. Today, the establishment proposes a new, light and warm open space with bright architecture while preserving the typical Parisian café spirit that is Nemours. All of the elements have been designed to harmonize the unique architecture and exceptional beauty of this place. 

This Parisian café is an inherited family passion, which has anchored and found it’s full personally that is Nemours. The director, Olivier Coustou, has been sincerely committed and has shared his passion with his team for the last 20 years. His long love story with Nemours has enabled him to create and keep up a personalized service which stands out from other establishments that surround this Parisian café. His experience has allowed him to obtain a clientele that he loves and keeps close to his heart. Nemours is unique, as is it’s environnement which includes many historical monuments and truly Parisian cultural spots: the Comédie Française, the State Council, the Carrousel du Louve and of course, the unforgettable Place Colette.

Michaël Malapert has reinterpreted the aesthetic codes of Parisian cafés in order to bring #lenemours into the 21st century. The interior architect has created a bright, elegant and convivial living space which adapts to every moment of the day. Inside, mirrors reflect the authentic building materials (wood, marble, stone and brass) and interact with the graphic floor tiling. The booths, upholstered in the ‘historic’ royal blue of #lenemours, face large bay windows with an unspoiled view of the place Colette. Outside, the new and majestic terrace has now truly come into its own. The natural wood furniture is comfortable, the brass lamps are refined and a cabinet of curiosities occupies a large alcove.

An 18th century plant engraving occupies the walls and ceilings of #lenemours, adding, within the mineral environment of the Palais Royal, an organic touch to the heart of the city. The central bar, with its Art Déco influences, brings together the two living spaces of #lenemours. At the two ends of the café, the walls adorned with wooden ‘scales’ provide a warm ambiance and reproduce the pattern of the arches of the Palais Royal. For the cabinet of curiosities, Michaël Malapert called upon Bea Cortel to create a collection of customised plates with a contemporary Parisian theme. This artist elegantly bonds the Eiffel tower with the beach, a touch of rock and a traditional medium, provocation and poetry, audacity and tradition by creating monochrome palettes on vintage crockery. 

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