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giugno 08, 2017 - Nendo

The first public space design by nendo

Comunicato Stampa disponibile solo in lingua originale. 

The master plan for the station plaza at Tenri Station in Nara prefecture, located near Kyoto in the western region of Japan.

The plan for the 6000 square meter area includes bicycle rentals, a cafe and other shops, an information kiosk, a play area, outdoor stage, and meeting space. The project goal was to encourage local community revitalisation by providing a space for events, tourist information dissemination and leisure facilities for local residents.

Tenri’s urban boundaries include a number of ancient Japanese tombs, known as “cofun”. The cofun are beautiful and unmistakeable, but blend into the spaces of everyday life in the city. The plaza’s landscape, richly punctuated by several of these cofun, is a representation of the area’s characteristic geography: the Nara Basin, surrounded on all sides by mountains.

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