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aprile 17, 2018 - 3C Das Sofa

3C Das Sofa at Milan - Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2018

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3C is an international company group operating on a global basis - a company that stands for quality, innovation, sustainability, but above all for passion. These are values that clearly set us apart from the rest. Firmly rooted in traditional craftsmanship, the 3C Group has developed to become a market leader for modern and functional upholstered furniture. From its headquarters in Rheda-Wiedenbrueck - in the heart of the German furniture industry - 3C coordinates the manufacture of it's upholstered furniture in it's own production facilities at locations throughout Europe. Wiedenbrueck is also home to 3C's state-of-the-art exhibition, training and #design centre.

Candy Polstermöbel for trendsetters

Within the group, Candy is the modern and trendy „lifestyle“-oriented furniture brand. Our product developers and designers have an inimitable feel for current market developments and whilst searching for inspiration in new and unexpected areas they never lose touch with the trends and the times we live in. They take new and innovative ideas and boldly translate these into premium #design, 'feel-good' armchairs and sofas. Impressive seating depths and a huge range of models are just some of Candy's many strong points. With just one basic #design you can achieve a whole range of different looks by combining multiple variations of upholstery, fabric, leather, legs and colour mixes.

Carina Polstermöbel - individual and comfortable seating

Carina's furniture is the epitomy of the new comfort culture. Comfort and an ultimately diverse model range are the particular highlights of this top grade upholstery range - a range where maximum quality and individual and healthy seating are the top priority. In addition to this, there is the huge selection of individual model features - seating heights, seating depths, types of upholstery, colours, fabrics and leathers. The answer to every customer's dream! And as ever, we uphold the unbroken tradition of supplying individual upholstered furniture, manufactured precisely to customer specification.

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