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luglio 05, 2018

Sensual purity: How design showcases brands: Design Essentials II

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The brand aesthetic of Performance Luxury that has been defined for Mercedes-AMG aims to tease out the aesthetic aspects inherent in the powerful appeal of the AMG brand. The ambience that the brand aims to exude is initially characterised in terms of colour. A glowing, pulsating red, positioned to accentuate it against a dark backdrop, symbolises power, passion and performance. The materials used are distinguished by their authenticity and very consciously establish a link to the high-technology world of motor racing. The use of contrasts, too, such as smooth – rough, soft – hard, shiny – matt, serves to emphasise the performance aspirations of AMG. New highlights are set by the use of more refined materials revealing, for example, a marble-like structure, thereby conveying a powerful interpretation of the concept of luxury. Dynamic graphics, shapes and their proportions create a sense of speed and underscore the muscular beauty of the brand aesthetic.

Exterior #design: broad radiator grille, dominant air intakes

The exterior #design, too, reflects the brand aesthetic of Performance Luxury. The #design elements are not there just as ornamentation, but have an underlying technical purpose that is apparent in the way they look, with a total focus on the brand value of performance.

AMG-specific grille and front apron

The AMG-specific radiator grille stems from the world of motorsport and was first seen in a standard-production vehicle in the AMG GT R. It comprises 15 vertical chrome struts, taking its #design cues from the AMG GT3 racing car. Its basic form harks back to the #MercedesBenz 300 SL racing car that won the legendary Panamericana road race in Mexico in 1952. The front apron in jet-wing #design emphasises the cars' width, making them appear to sit even flatter on the road. The air intakes, with their dominant #design, ensure the provision of adequate cooling air to the drive system and are an expression of pure, unadulterated power.

Spoiler and tailpipes

Rear spoilers, whether extendable or fixed, serve not only to emphasise the family affiliation, but play an important part in active aerodynamics. The rear end is characterised by the louvres in the air intakes and the distinctive rear diffuser, while seen from the side, the hallmark side skirts strike the eye.

A little chrome, more carbon fibre

Carbon-fibre trim is used to underline the progressive sportiness of the brand. Depending on the model, the front splitter, the fins in the wings, the exterior mirror housings and the rear apron can be trimmed with carbon fibre, if so required. There is also a practical reason for the use of carbon fibre, as it weighs less than conventional materials and thus enhances the agility of the vehicles.

Interior #design: dynamically sloping centre console, sculptural instrument panel

The interior #design echoes the #design idiom of the exterior. Particularly striking: the interior of AMG vehicles is extremely sculptural in style and more oriented towards the driver than is the case with other brands sporting the three-pointed star.

Centre console with V8 design

The convex curve of the high centre console in a stylised V8 #design not only underlines the performance aspirations of the brand, but also fulfils very practical purposes. Thanks to the dynamically rising slope of the centre console, the high beltlines, the concave door panelling, the wrap-around and the low seating position, the driver is integrated into the cockpit and feels fully attuned to the AMG vehicle.

Instrument panel emphasises breadth

The sharp slope of the instrument panel makes for an exciting interplay with the dominant feature of the centre console. By emphasising the car's width, it gives the impression of a powerful, outspread wing.

Sporty seats convey motorsport feeling

AMG Performance seats connect the driver with his or her vehicle in a very special way. By virtue of special side bolsters on the seat surfaces and backrests, they offer the occupants even better lateral support, while lending the interior a distinctive, sporty character with their appearance – also thanks to the AMG badges and the attractive trim in the backrests.

UI/UX: race feeling in the cockpit

The User Experience with AMG is also characterised by cutting-edge technology, efficiency and performance. Drivers have a whole range of race-specific functions at their fingertips:

  • Warm-up: engine and transmission oil temperature plus charge pressure as Boost display.
  • As well as the conventional speedometer and rev counter displays, drivers can call up engine data or current output and torque figures.
  • A distinctive prompt to change up a gear when driving in manual mode, borrowed from Formula 1, is a further specific feature of AMG.
  • Depending on model, it is also possible to see a visualisation of the workings of all-wheel drive system.
  • Race Timer: manual stopwatch for lap times and colour display of fastest and slowest laps, plus average speed and distance.
  • If the AMG TRACK PACE option is ordered, instead of "Race Timer" the instrument cluster shows the "AMG TRACK PACE" menu, with visualisations of race tracks, sector and lap times.
  • There is also a specific AMG TRACK PACE view in the optional head-up display (HUD) with circuit graphic, bends, braking points, delta speed and absolute times.

Mercedes-AMG GT 4-Door Coupé: beauty and power

The most recent addition to the brand family, the Mercedes-AMG GT 4-Door Coupé, reveals its own special interpretation of the hallmark #design features of the brand and represents the pinnacle of sporty motoring. It follows the #design tradition of the successful AMG GT models and then takes this to the next level. The powerful body exudes dynamism and motivation. Sensuous shapes with convex surfaces lend the four-door AMG GT timeless elegance, while the flowing silhouette with the sleek greenhouse flags up its sporting credentials. Slim Multibeam LED headlamps, the AMG-specific radiator grille, the Shark Nose and the front apron with its enhanced Jet Wing (with flowing A-Wing on the six-cylinder model) also lend the vehicle the typical presence of the AMG GT family.

With frameless side windows and a flat windscreen inclined far to the rear, features of the classic coupé architecture are also cited. With the additional seat row in the rear the characteristic lines of the AMG GT models are not compromised. The tailored cut of the upper contours and the broad shoulders point to the athletic, sporty orientation of the vehicle, which is additionally emphasised by very pronounced rear wheel arches.

The rear view of the new 4-door coupé picks up on familiar features of the AMG GT #design idiom: extremely slim LED tail lights define the hallmark boot sill line, the rear aerofoil extendable in several stages not only underscores the family affiliation; it is also an important element of the active aerodynamics.

The two eight-cylinder models can be identified through the three horizontal louvres in the side air intakes at the front, the Jet Wing with its trim element in Silver Shadow, the distinctive diffuser at the rear and the two-pipe exhaust system with trapezoidal tailpipe trims. The six-cylinder variant, meanwhile, has one louvre in each of the air inlet grilles, round twin tailpipe trims and a somewhat less pronounced rear diffuser.