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marzo 13, 2019 - Ventura Project

Ventura Centrale 2019: 17 design installations you can't miss

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Milan, 13 March 2019, seventeen impressive, interactive, and thought-provoking exhibits are waiting for you at the third edition of Ventura Centrale (9 - 14 April, 2019). Acclaimed Asian brands such as Yamaha, AGC, DNP, TAKT PROJECT and NOROO Group will tickle the visitors' sensory palettes with sounds, lights and earthly phenomena. Cosentino, Sky-Frame, ARIA, Weltevree, Lensvelt & Modular, Rapt Studio, CRAMUM and DPOT Modern And Contemporary Brazilian Furniture will show the crème de la crème of #design installations. And to give reality a little shake-up, you can drop in at Maarten Baas, Humanscale and FREITAG who will invite you to disconnect, get ergonomic and question bad #design. When it's time to chill, Lavazza and Gufram will be ready to show you some coffee-making magic. 


Ventura Centrale is pleased to welcome several brands from Asia that are renowned for their sensory virtuosity. Yamaha Corporation #design Laboratory (Japan) will tickle the ears and quicken your pulse with a rush of auditory excitement. In four installations they tap into the global pulse of shared musical expression and enjoyment. When all your five senses have had their share, it's time to be amazed by the lights of TAKT PROJECT (Japan). glow ⇆ grow will show a blend of the newest LED technology with light-hardened resin that results in an installation that continually changes shape and appearance, resembling ice pillars or limestone stalagmites.

NOROO Group, the Korean company anticipating colour trends in #design, art and culture, presents the colours of the future that change with the rhythms of nature. The exhibition takes its inspiration from the phenomenon of tides - the complex dance of gravity between the Moon, Earth and Sun. Two artists are the key players of the exhibition Tides. Korean artist Kwango Lee showcases 100 modular stools of The Moment of Eclipse series. Each eclipse-shaped stool creates a union with the next stool, forming chains of endlessly intriguing variations. Alongside, the Danish studio Wang & Söderström presents the exhibition as an otherworldly landscape in dreamlike colours with a strong impression of being at centre of a solar eclipse. From Korean paint to Japanese paper, Dai Nippon Printing (DNP) (Japan) will bring the craft of printing to Ventura Centrale by showing both ancient traditions and modern technologies. The project Patterns as Time will introduce 'electronic paper', the colours and patterns of which can be directly altered by its users. The project underlines the importance of printing in the transmission of information from generation to generation. These innovations will be balanced with the display of acrylic panels that show ancient traditional patterns used for kimonos.


The Ventura Centrale vaults have been home to some of the most mesmerising exhibitions in the last years. The rough, dimmed, historical spaces are the perfect canvas for #design installations. Cosentino (Spain) will create one of those magical realms. A 25-metre long and 6-metre high triangular passage will showcase Dekton®, an ultra-compact architectural product. For this #design Cosentino is working with Benjamin Hubert, whose installation recreates the feeling of being under water by imitating light refractions. The two mirrors at either end of the vault create the illusion of an infinite space and offer glimpses of the caustic patterns playing out on the interior of the dark Ventura Centrale vault.

To stay with the water theme, Weltevree (The Netherlands) invites visitors to a 'classic pool party' translated to their unique unplugged style and ideas on outdoor living. Featuring all-new products, the vaults will be transformed into a lively evening setting by the pool. The presentation shows an uncomplicated view of the world and serves as a carefree hideaway far from the hustle and bustle of Milan where visitors can come and explore.

Another exhibitor playing with the gloomy space at Ventura Centrale is lighting expert ARIA (Italy). In the middle of the vault, a cylindrical luminous element will mesh with its surroundings, constructing a dream-like atmosphere by drawing shapes in the space. Come to light will show the full capacity of lighting by using chromatic effects, themes that change and dynamic brilliances generating an immersive atmosphere.

It's a rare occasion when Milan #design Week visitors can see some of Brazil's best modern and contemporary #design together in one installation. With works of the renowned artist and designer Geraldo de Barros at the core of the exhibition, DPOT (Brazil) presents Poetic Geometry, an exhibition based on Italo Calvino's ideas of lightness, quickness, exactitude, visibility, multiplicity and consistency. On view will be the classic Rampa Chair by Sergio Bernardes, the Bardi's Bowl Chair by Lina Bo Bardi and works by contemporary designers Claudia Moreira Salles, Fernando Prado and Marcelo Ferraz.

Once the rush of #design exuberance has warmed you up, Sky-Frame (Switzerland) will tell you a story about the sky and about being in orbit, AGC (Japan) will show you the beauty of nature through a glass and ceramic installation, two distinct brands Lensvelt (the Netherlands) and Modular Lighting Instruments (Belgium) will transform the vault into a brand new atmospheric theatre and Rapt Studio (USA) explores the emotions of connection in their immersive, interactive installation Tell Me More. 


Humanscale (USA), expert in ergonomic solutions, explores the company's DNA through a multidimensional experiential installation, designed together with Todd Bracher and Studio TheGreenEyl. The installation, titled Bodies in Motion, reinterprets the original scientific method of motion perception developed by the Swedish psychophysicist Gunnar Johansson in 1973. Fifteen beams of light will project human motion onto a large circular screen, while the movement of the visitors becomes part of the installation.

The two-time #milano #design Award winner Maarten Baas (The Netherlands) is known for giving Milan #design Week a good shake-up. Every time Baas participates, he creates something unexpected and outstanding. Increasingly he has created his own platform, drifting from #design to art. This year, instead of showcasing a new product, Baas presents in collaboration with Ventura Projects an installation. Visitors to Ventura Centrale can witness the world premiere of this new work and are invited to participate in this unique experience. Get ready to disconnect yourself at Baas' exhibition at Ventura Centrale. And Baas' infiltration does not stop here. A real BAR BAAS will pop up across the street from Ventura Centrale. His favourite eatery Ristorante Pizzeria Dinky will be filled with a limited edition of a hundred bright pink Maarten Baas 101 Chairs that he designed for Lensvelt. Besides this, he's also part of the Lensvelt & Modular exhibition at Ventura Centrale.

Zurich-based truck-tarp-bag manufacturer FREITAG teams up with artist Georg Lendorff to initiate good discussions about lousy #design and other sins. Lendorff's immersive, walk-in video and light installation is a part of the exhibition UNFLUENCER – De-sinning the Designer. Projections onto thousands of threads hanging from the ceiling cause visitors' and observers' sense of space and time to dissolve and are a refuge for a brief but contemplative respite from the hustle and bustle in Milan.


A special collaboration between coffee manufacturer Lavazza (Italy) andradical #design brand Gufram (Italy) will emerge in one of the Ventura Centrale vaults. At the intersection of #design with taste, and of hand craftsmanship with innovation, springs anew limited-edition icon from Lavazza. The exclusive Deséa Golden Touch by Gufram forms the centre of the exhibition and features a vibrant golden livery that enriches the sophisticated contemporary aesthetic of Lavazza's latest product, as well as celebrating the innovative coffee experience. The evocative installation, conceived by Gufram, is simultaneously an original Coffee Club and welcomes all exhibitors into an immersive setting where they can experience the excellence of Lavazza coffee, an unconventional food proposal and a set of unique entertainment experiences.


A special art project will unfold next to the press desk area. In collaboration with the non-profit project CRAMUM (Italy) and inspired by the great writer Virginia Woolf, A Room of My Own is a presentation by three young female artists advocating women's right to express themselves and shape contemporary society. In three separate solo shows, all curated by Sabino Maria Frassà, three female artists Flora Deborah, Giulia Manfredi and Francesca Piovesan each use their own chosen materials to investigate the passing of time and the search for identity and, especially, the way femininity shapes the world and leaves its mark on it.


Via Ferrante Aporti 9, 20125, Milan, Italy

Opening hours:
Tuesday 9 April – Saturday 13 April: 10:00 – 20:00
Sunday 14 April: 10:00 – 18:00

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Monday 8 April: 15:00 – 19:00

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