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marzo 16, 2020 - Novacolor

Novacolor presents the new Ambassador 2020

Comunicato Stampa disponibile solo in lingua originale. 

The #novacolor Ambassadors international project by #novacolor is back for the fifth edition, featuring designers and master decorators who best interpret the values of the boutique company based in Forlì.

This year the #novacolor Ambassadors are nine professional decorators from all over the world: Fotis Argiropoulos and Chrissa Louccetti from Greece, Reuben Fiteni from Malta, Javier Seijas Gonzalez from Spain, the Italians Roberto Manenti and Alessandro Schiavone, Catalin Mustata from Romania, Zoran Petrovic from Serbia, Jorn Thiede from Germany and the Indian designer Kanak Nanda. Each of the #novacolor Ambassadors worked on a customized decorative texture, inspired by their memories and linked to the theme of joy and Joy Revolution. All using the company's most innovative products.

During an exclusive shooting in Milan, the photographer Gianluca Cisterninoimmortalized the ten Ambassadors together with their artistic works. Ten author shots in which the leitmotif is the theme “The Joy Revolution” intended as a return to purity, both in terms of attitude and for the conscious use of products in an environmental perspective. Joy, purity and freedom, expressed through the choice of childhood memory toys, are for #novacolor traces to follow in order to develop the future, because sometimes you have to know how to look back in order to go forward. The Joy Revolution is the joyful revolution that permeate through our daily actions and enters our environments. 

In an increasingly complex reality, diversity is a value. #novacolor Ambassadors are a heterogeneous group, which unites different figures and professionalism within it - decorators, architects, artists, designers. To unite them, only one mission: to raise awareness among others on the issue of sustainability through conscious choices in the selection of materials and in the #design of homes and environments in line with the natural environment that surrounds us.