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novembre 19, 2020 - Gandiablasco

Gandiablasco | Deseasonalization of the outdoors by creating environments adapted to low temperatures

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Being outside from the inside and vice versa: porches and terraces, the ultimate wellness refuge

The taste for life outside is something that is impregnated in the skin and does not understand neither  clocks nor calendars. This free Mediterranean spirit is evident in each of the pieces designed by  #gandiablasco, a firm whose career has been defined precisely by that passion for innovation in  favour of spaces for shared well-being under the sky. 

Homes, villas, restaurants and hotels evolve and transform to give way to new ways of living in which  interior and exterior cease to be antonyms and become experiences, uses and moments 24 hours a  day, 365 days a year, in the four corners of the world. 

The most open interiors and the most appealing porches and terraces of #gandiablasco stand out  without losing an ounce of warmth and intimacy. 

Intimate, essential and durable environments that speak the universal language of outdoor enjoyment 

The porch of The Sunset House residential project in Vancouver, designed by architectural firm  Mcleod Bovell, represents the essence of #gandiablasco. The construction gives shape to carefully  sculpted wide open outdoor spaces that suggest the sensation of living inside a cave ingeniously  open to the outside. 

The large reclining beds of the CHILL series star in the idyllic watchtower overlooking East Vancouver  Harbour and built above a pool with a 12-metre drop. A unique space that stands in the splendid  pine and cedar forest on the edge of the Strait of Georgia. 

GANDIABLASCO enters this exclusive refuge providing maximum comfort and versatility and creating  the ideal environment to enjoy the natural beauty of the place. The high quality of the materials that  make up the structure and body of CHILL - thermo-lacquered aluminium in white and outdoor textiles  in the SOFT Solids carbon colour - is the hallmark of these architecturally designed outdoor beds that  dialogue in harmony with the contemporary architecture of the home. 

Twelve thousand kilometres away, on the northeast coast of New Zealand’s North Island, lies a  paradise lost in the midst of subtropical nature. The multi-award-winning Eagles Nest resort integrates  six luxurious villas that lie on an island above a port of great beauty and historical importance. This  wonderful enclave on the hills of New Zealand is also connected to the outside from the interior  spaces, which are contemporary in style and face the landscape through large glass windows  overlooking the bay.

The villas, equipped with NA XEMENA #design furniture, offer their own private horizon with an  infinity pool and enormous gardens. Once again, the CHILL daybeds by José A. Gandía-Blasco  Canales and the ambient light of FAROLES, by the same designer for the Diabla brand, create the  ideal environment to lie down and enjoy the turquoise waters. All the elements found here stand  out for their white and anodised finishes and their clean lines, evoking the architecture of the resort.  #gandiablasco finds in Eagles Nest a privileged setting for its concept of living, from intimacy  and well-being, the most genuine outdoor experience. 

In the antipodes and at 2,000 metres above sea level, the partnership between GANDIABLASCO  and Dom Pérignon culminated in an ephemeral project based on the same concept of beauty and  elegance. The Lodge Dom Pérignon, an oasis of haute cuisine, good music and comfort in Baqueira  Beret, in the Catalan Pyrenees, generated an unforgettable experience for its visitors thanks to its  extraordinary location and the character of its #design

The minimalism and sobriety of the iconic NA XEMENA collection set the tone for a luxury pop-up  in which GANDIABLASCO’s innovative #design made it clear that the passion for living outdoors is  not about seasons or degrees Celsius. Pure geometry and Mediterranean lifestyle in essence, the NA  XEMENA tables, sofas and chaise longues were able to integrate into the colder outdoor environment  like true all-rounders without giving up an ounce of style and warmth. Black and white for the textiles  - resistant to adverse weather conditions - and anthracite aluminium for the structures were the finishes  chosen for this unique space. LLAR, Borja Garcia’s outdoor heater, became the attendees’ favourite  meeting point as it brought the enchanting sensation of gathering around the fireplace under the sky.  This bioethanol burner, in lacquered steel, stands out for its elegant #design and recovers the idea of  fire as an architectural element. 

While the freshness of the open air enters the home and the colours and textures of the interior come  out on terraces and porches in an unstoppable trend in recent times, #gandiablasco consolidates  this indoor-outdoor continuity with pieces that are a refuge in themselves. Noble materials and cosy  textures come together in pieces such as the relax club chair and the relax pouf from the TIMELESS 

series, designed by #joseagandiablasco Canales and Borja García, the SAIL pouf and square  pouf, designed by Héctor Serrano. 

On the one hand, the self-supporting comfort of SAIL, made of versatile and soft seat pieces, easily  inhabits the transition between interior and exterior and is available in about twenty shades,  among them, the Nautical Blue Silvertex Jet. On the other hand, we see how the lines inspired by  architectural rationalism reinterpret relaxation in one of the most versatile pieces of the TIMELESS 

collection. The textile component takes centre stage on the anthracite-coloured thermo-lacquered  aluminium structure and forms an irresistible combination for a piece with personality and power to  generate experiences and atmospheres around it. 

GANDIABLASCO’s collections of atmospheres and modular furniture are integrated into the  environment and adapted to the weather conditions to give life to real private oases where everything  is an inspiration. How? By flowing from the inside to the outside, going through walls and creating  real atmospheres in dialogue with the landscape and architecture. 

About #gandiablasco

GANDIABLASCO is the outdoor furniture brand belonging to the Gandia Blasco Group, a family company founded in  1941 manufacturing blankets. Since the year 2000, #joseagandiablasco Canales, the current President and Creative  Director of the company, has focused activities on the #design of outdoor furniture with an architectural character, linked  to its Mediterranean roots. Currently the brand #gandiablasco has reached more than 90 countries and is recognized  internationally for the quality of its designs, the passion for life in the outdoors, and the collaborations with architects and  first-rate designers.