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aprile 08, 2021 - Renault

Renault colours the world

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The figures are relentless! Despite an increasingly wide range of body colours, it is the so-called ’neutral’ colours such as white, black, and gray that are by far the most popular for new car buyers. In this context, #renault is the brand that puts the most colours on the road in Europe. #francoisfarion, Renault’s Director of Colour and Trim Design explains this identity marker.

“Hello darkness, my old friend”

White, black, gray. The observation is clear: as every year for the past 10 years, the colours dominating the automotive industry are rather dull. They account for nearly 70% of models sold worldwide, according to a report on the popularity of #automotive colours by Axalta, a leading automotive paint supplier. If we take a closer look, the most popular colour is still white, which is used on 38% of new vehicles sold worldwide, followed by black (19%) and gray (15%).
Amid this gloom, for François Farion, Renault's Director of Colour and Trim Design, "Renault is doing well with a more colourful offer than the average. And it's working because we sell about 10 points more colours than the rest of the industry."

Renault and colours: a long-standing romance 

At the end of the Second World War, the European #automotive industry resumed its activity without switching to colour. But the #renault brand is going to be a forerunner in diversifying its range of available colours. It all began in the 1950s with a visit from the CEO of General Motors. Welcomed by Pierre Lefaucheux, Renault's boss at the time, he didn't hesitate to express his thoughts when he saw the production lines: these cars lacked gaiety! It must be said that the United States had a head start on colour in the automobile: from apple green to candy pink, we can say that the streets were colourful... The seed was planted!

At the same time, Paule Marrot, a talented and well-known decorator, wrote to Pierre Lefaucheux to suggest that he add colour to Renault’s overly "dull" offering, which was no longer adapted to the desires of consumers at the time. This was the trigger. In 1953, the collaboration between Paule Marrot and #renault began. In addition to her reputation in the textile and wallpaper sector, she established herself as an automotive colour consultant... a new profession tailored to this Lady. "It is to her that we owe the introduction of real differentiating colours in the #renault range, which contributed to the success of the Dauphine, offered at the time with a rich palette of 30 pastel shades..." a first, says François Farion! It is also to Paule Marrot that we owe the creation of the Renault’s Colour & Trim department.
As you can see, #renault and colours are a long-standing romance.

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