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october 24, 2016 - Sika Design

500 Pallets of interior items will arrive at sika-design's warehouse in less than two weeks

For many years, #sikadesign has observed a growing trend where furniture manufacturers have closed in on the interior marketplace and vice versa, where interior manufacturers have added furniture to their interior assortments. And it makes perfect sense. When consumers shop new furniture or #interiordesign items, they want a full experience and inspiration to how the décor might look in their own homes. It is much easier to sell a sofa displayed with pillows and a throw, and a dining table set with tableware, and a cosy outdoor environment lit by lanterns:

"We are present at many furniture fairs throughout the year, and in recent years we have successfully decorated our furniture exhibitions with interior items from partners' collections. I sensed that the interior items added a great value to our furniture, and I also thought it was fun with this new dimension, as I have a great passion for #interiordesign. In addition, I meet a lot of inspiring manufacturers during my travels to the Far East, so the idea was a long time coming, and now we can present our own interiors collection COZY room by #sikadesign ", explains Louise Andreasen, CEO of #sikadesign.

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