march 18, 2020 - Diabla

Trip deckchair and chair

Remember its first name, Trip, as it is synonymous with contemporary, versatile and functional #design. A wild card to keep in mind that offers endless possibilities! It includes two outdoor furniture lines that are easy to place and transport to any place: ranging from the balcony to the garden, from the pool to the beach. Why not? Trip is a hammock of excellent quality and maximum comfort of pure and minimalist lines as well as being a folding chair that upholds the same ethos and aesthetic.

The Trip hammock is reclining and is designed for both small spaces and/or large spaces. It has three regulatory levels in the form of waves and a small headrest for ultimate comfort. Made of thermo-lacquered aluminum and plastic fabric, the Trip hammock combines elegant aesthetics with the highest quality and comfort. The accessory is available in white, pink, grey, anthracite, olive green, mustard, sand and bronze.

The Trip chair upholds the same #design patterns of the hammock. It´s main aim is functionality, without giving up the #design. This folding furniture is also made from thermolacquered aluminum and compressed plastic fabric, which enables you to sit anywhere. The Trip Chair is sturdy and durable in #design, and its reduced measurements (52x43x64) allow you to move to public places outside of your home, such as a picnic n the beach, the countryside or a mountain hike. Its versatility knows no boundaries.

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